Choosing the Perfect Roof: A Comprehensive Comparison of Residential Roofing Materials in North Texas

When selecting a new roof for your North Texas home, there are several material options to consider each with its own pros and cons. This comparison table summarizes the key factors among the most popular residential roofing types – asphalt shingles, metal, tile, and slate. Keep these differences in mind when deciding the ideal material for your roofing needs and budget.

Roofing MaterialCostDurabilityLifespanMaintenanceWeather ResistanceFire ResistanceWeightEnergy EfficiencyStyle Options
Asphalt/Composition ShinglesLowModerate15-30 yearsLowModerateModerateLightweightLowVast variety
Concrete/Fiber Cement TilesHighHigh50+ yearsLowHighFireproofHeavyModerateVariety
Metal RoofingHighVery High50-70+ yearsLowHighFireproofLightweightHighSome variety
Clay TilesVery HighVery High75+ yearsLowHighFireproofHeavyModerateVariety
Slate RoofingVery HighVery High70-150 yearsLowHighFireproofHeavyModerateLimited colors
Wood Shakes/ShinglesLowLow10-30 yearsHighLowLowLightweightLowVariety

The vast majority of what we install here at DFW Roofers is Asphalt Shingles. Contact DFW Roofers to learn more about the shingles that are right for your roof.

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